Rust and Ruin

This is a short prequel to Girl Under Glass. This time it’s Ehtishem’s story, before the events of the first installment in the Glass and Iron series. Recommend reading this after Girl Under Glass and A Sad Jar of AtomsContains spoilers. 

Sometimes it takes more than strength and training to complete a mission, sometimes it takes heart.

For twelve years Ehtishem Mahle has crisscrossed the post-invasion ruins of the Pacific Northwest, searching for Rachel Pryne, the missing, adult daughter of his friends Joe and Ellie. Twelve years spent sleeping on dirt, bathing in frigid rivers, and living off the land. But he’s an Ohnenrai soldier—a walking weapon—and he’s endured far worse on other planets in the name of duty. Yet a chance encounter with a young Terran refuge will have Ehtishem questioning whether or not he can protect a single child, let alone find and safeguard the woman who’s DNA holds the key to saving not only Ehtishem’s people, but every living species on Earth and beyond.