Breaking Faith (Glass and Iron Series) #2:

Hello, again, readers and writers and welcome back for another eight-sentence post for Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday. Last week I started featuring snippets from a short story, Breaking Faith, that I’m writing to support Girl Under Glass and my Glass and Iron series of sci-fi/post-apocalyptic books. So, picking up where we left off with the hero Ehtishem last week:


Credit: lucasmalta/

Credit: lucasmalta/

The sunlight flickered, and Ehtishem squinted at the wispy, chalk-colored clouds that scudded across the blue sky.

She’ll be in her twenty-sixth year if she’s still alive.

Age was tricky. All the more so since he’d been stranded on the planet. Shipboard he’d had access to immediate computations. But Dathusha and Pohru-Mahrko had left orbit with everyone aboard believing he was dead. When they returned, they’d be younger than he was, now by twelve years. Age was tricky, indeed.


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  • Is this time travel or are they moving faster than the speed of light?
    Nice 8!

  • chellecordero

    Love the touch of mystery “She’ll be in her twenty-sixth year if she’s still alive.”

  • Oh, I like this! Nice touch of sci in the scifi–relativity Time is tricky! 🙂 Monica, have you ever watched any of Carl Sagan’s old Cosmos episodes on youtube? He has one on redshift that I particularly like. If you ever have spare time (Ha! But it’s nice to dream) he has a knack for explaining things in layman’s terms. 🙂 Good 8!

  • historysleuth1

    This is an intriguing snippet! The first and last line tie it all together nicely! Well done.
    (No 8 for me this week. Forgot all about it.)

  • You hit the nail on the head, Time is tricky! What I really love about this snippet is Ehtishem’s loneliness and desire to feel connected. Great snippet!

  • burnsmillie

    Lots of little questions raised with this eight. Interesting Monica, I want to know if she’s still alive too : )

  • daezarkian

    Nice snippet, loaded with intrigue. Gets us hooked right from the opening line. Nice work!

  • OK, age is making my head spin now LOL. But an excellent escerpt!

  • Ah, time. People think it’s linear, but really it’s wibbly wobbly.

    No idea what’s going on here, but I’m very intrigued. 🙂

  • I want to know why he’s looking for her…

  • Intriguing snippet! Time is definitely tricky and this has me wanting to know more about his situation!

  • I always find space-travel side-effects intriguing. Very interesting snippet!

  • Wow…interesting computations and side-effects of space travel. Nice 8!

  • Love the description of the sky. And how he’s pondering what he’s giving up while looking for this woman–it definitely makes me wonder why he’s so eager to find her!

  • oddlynn3

    Very interesting snippet. I love the paradox of time you’re talking about. Good 8. Thanks for sharing.

  • You don’t have to move faster than the speed of light, just a large fraction of light-speed.

  • Nice use of the twins paradox.

  • Love the bookends, Monica! Gawd, I miss reading your work and everyone from WWW. Hope all is well with you. – The Okie Housewife

  • Excellent example of making physics personal. Well done.

  • Age would definitely be tricky under those circumstances.

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