Night Dwelling

Does staying up ’til 3a all weekend editing Preyers make me a creature of the night? Feels like it this morning.  I am completely useless in the office today.  Three cups of cold-filtered coffee and I should be hallucinating; instead I’m staring at Google AdWords uncomprehendingly.  But, I delivered the second draft to my personal editor this morning.  I am so excited to get her feedback.  My personal editor, btw, is my mother and my secret weapon.  (Okay, not so secret now.)  She’s a published children’s author (has been writing since I was a wee little girl), a professional editor and offers critique services through  So, yeah, very excited.  I just hope Mom doesn’t think I require psychological counseling when she’s finished reading.  Really, Mom, it’s all cathartic.  I didn’t do those things!  (Uh, don’t kill me, Matilde.)

Finished an erotic short and submitted it to for their Vampire Lust fiction contest.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Off to bed early tonight!