Here be dragons.

The Dragon Chronicles, Coming 4/30!

This was a project I was gobsmacked and honored to be a part of.

Samuel Peralta was kind enough to extend an invitation to participate, because The Dragon Chronicles is a labor of love months in the making. As with previous anthologies, this follows the tried-and-true method of inviting contributors that are established heavy hitters along with promising newcomers, then riffing on a compelling theme. This time it was “dragons”. For fans of fantasy and science fiction, this collection is a must. Just look at this line-up:

Alex Albrinck
Chris Pourteau
Daniel Arenson
David Adams
Elle Casey
K. J. Colt
Kim Wells
Monica Enderle Pierce
Ted Cross
Terah Edun
Vincent Trigili

Edited by Ellen Campbell
Foreword by Samuel Peralta

In the tradition of the best-selling A.I. CHRONICLES, ALIEN CHRONICLES, TELEPATH CHRONICLES, and ROBOT CHRONICLES, the authors of this new title in the “Future Chronicles” series invite you to journey to a world of fire and fury, of legend and lore. Journey to the world of THE DRAGON CHRONICLES.

The first week into this project, I was wondering why I said yes. Dragons were around as long as literature, and so many masters of the craft had blazed the trail before us. Was there anything new to say about them?

Blaze. Trail. Hold on!

I hope you like where we decided to go.

Now, it’s available for pre-sale on and will be available April 30, 2015!

The Dragon Chronicles

THE DRAGON CHRONICLES -- April 30, 2015An anthology of speculative fiction from The Future Chronicles -----With Ellen Campbell, Elle Casey, Nina Croft, Alex Albrinck, KJ Colt, Daniel Arenson, Dave Monk Fraser Adams, Monica Enderle Pierce, Chris Pourteau, Ted Cross, Vincent Trigili, Terah Edun and Kim Wells.Music: 'Battle of the Unknown' by Kurt OldmanVideo: Dandelion Dreams Videos

Posted by Samuel Peralta on Sunday, April 12, 2015
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