Famine #41: Bartholomew’s Seal (WeWriWa)

“It’s alive!” Hacking cough aside, I’m feeling much more human this week and got out of the house more than once to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

I’m posting, again, from Famine for Weekend Writing Warriors, and I will be finishing the first draft of this novel this weekend. (Only five scenes left at the time of this post.) I’m still skipping around, so in this random scene, Matilde is looking at the seal that Bartholomew uses to close his envelopes.


Robert Cornelius (c. 1839)

Robert Cornelius (c. 1839)

She lifted and turned the dark wooden handle to look at its brass matrix. It depicted the same Roman eagle that he bore upon his hand and a banner beneath that read, Deo Volente Surgam. “What does this mean, Monsieur?”

“God willing, I shall rise.”

“Rise to do what?”

He took the seal from her, returned it to its case, and stood, the letter in hand. He gazed down upon her, his manner severe and dark. “Evidently, mail a letter to London.”


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And, once again, thanks for all your supportive comments. You guys say the nicest things. 😀

  • Dark and somber feel in this snippet. Very nice.

  • Bartholomew is one scary dude. I do fear for Matilde all the while enjoying your imaginative writing.

  • I love how you showed the contrast in their character.

  • I liked it – the mood was all serious and somber – “God willing I shall rise.” You expect epic adventures from this…and instead we get “mail a letter” – made me smile. The earlier commenter indicated B is a scary dude, and even though you say his look is “severe and dark” – I think this shows he has a dry sense of humor….which scores many points in my book 🙂
    I think I may have to start using that phrase in my own life. “God willing, I shall rise…and put in another load of laundry.” (Sometimes laundry really does feel epic…as in larger than life)
    Now if I totally read that scene wrong, oops! But that’s what happens with a snippet 😉

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Actually, you read him right. Bartholomew is as dry as a bone and trying very hard to keep Matilde (who is only eight here) at arm’s length in this scene. 😀

  • Hi Monica! I’ve missed reading your snippets. Great job as always. Bartholomew is such an interesting character you’ve created. Love this!!

  • His severity is well done.
    Thank you for sharing.
    My 8 sentences

  • Haha, I love the sense of humor, the setting, the Latin, everything! I can’t wait until your draft is finished and I can start from the beginning!

  • Love the dialogue. Great stuff, Monica!

  • I like the tone from Bartholomew. Terrific snippet! Leaves me wondering…

  • “Evidently, mail a letter to London.” LOL Evasive much? No idea what’s going on here, but I’m definitely intrigued.

  • Bartholomew has such a chilling, regal manner! Great excerpt.

  • Bartholomew comes off as an untrustworthy fellow. The last line has me thinking he’s about to do something fiendish. Nice 8.

  • Mail a letter? I doubt it.

  • Good save, Bartholomew! Love it!

  • The humour at the end was subtly done. It took the creepy edge off the rest of the snippet and showed that Bartholomew does have feelings.

  • Love it love it love. More more more. And glad you’re feeling better.

  • Hm, I think he’s keeping secrets. Secrets don’t make friends. Lol. Loved how he totally evaded her. Nice snippet 🙂

  • I wonder what the seal’s motto has to do with the Catcher.

  • Ha! Love his wit. Nicely done.

  • siobhanmuir

    Nice deflection on his part. Great snippet, Monica. 🙂

  • Lol, that’s nice.

  • Before I forget, “The Glass and Iron Series”– awesome choice! AND–I hope your cover moel can act, because when your series gets optioned, I’m not going to like seeing someone else in Rachel’s clothing and her situation. 🙂

    Your 8sunday post: Love the dialogue, and I wonder what’s in that letter to London!

  • LMAO! LOVE this!