Famine #44: Memories of Love

So this week was looking grim, but then I got confirmation on the final model for the Famine cover. That made me happier. And, guys, this cover is gonna be stunning. 😀

Okay, so now on to posting from Famine for Weekend Writing Warriors. I’ve been editing this week — tweaking old material and adding a lot of new words, like this little memory of Bartholomew’s long-dead wife, Aemelia.


TemptationHe closed his eyes and remembered returning to his wife after a long campaign in Barbaricum. How she had bared her body to him, opened herself to his need, and taken all of his longing. She had never asked about the scars he bore; he was a soldier, a Gaul, a warrior. Scars were part of his history, and she’d said they warned of his strength to any man who would question his power.

There was their small house, always dim and smoky from the hearth fire. Aemelia’s rough fingers snagging his tunic, the creak of leather as she undressed him. “This is new, and this one,” she had murmured as she’d inspected his skin for scabs and bruises. There was the saltiness of her lips and the sweetness of her tongue.


Thanks for stopping by. Here’s the link to the WeWriWa list. I hope you’ll check out more writers’ snippets while you enjoy a leisurely Sunday.

  • This has such a sad air about it. The smoky warmth of remembrance is no substitute for the the heat of contact.

  • Blew me away with this eight. Beautiful writing.

  • Captivating eight. There’s so much more to Bartholomew, very interesting.

  • daezarkian

    This is fabulous. Sensual and melancholy, sad and heartfelt. You capture both the passion of their reunion and the inherent darkness of war. Fantastic job, Monica, as ever!

  • Very poignant, that’s just all I can say. Terrific snippet!

  • Nan

    Nice snippet–I loved “How she had bared her body to him, opened herself to his need, and taken all of his longing.” Very sensual and evocative.

  • Very sensual. Wow! Nice writing, Monica!

  • Melancholy but beautiful.

  • So poignant! Lovely 8.

  • The recalling of his wife adds to Bartholomew’s character, one can see what she meant to him. Good 8!

  • such a touching reminiscence… quite a contrast to some of Bartholomew’s other scenes.

  • The image with this snippet would satisfy my definition of “stunning.”
    Great 8, too!

  • Such a sense of sweet melancholy. Well done!

  • siobhanmuir

    Sweet memories, Monica, and gives depth to Bartholomew. Nicely done. 🙂

  • She sounds like she was just what he needed, something often hard to find in a partner. Great snippet!

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