Famine #47: Bullfrog (WeWriWa)

Hola, Weekend Writing Warriors and friends!

Let’s dive right into this week’s random Famine post, hmm? It’s low tea at Bartholomew’s house. Matilde (now 15 years old) is talking with Mrs. Henderson (her governess):


antique teapot and saucer“What kind of treachery have you foisted upon your long-suffering guardian, child?”

“I refused to complete Suite bergamasque.”

Bartholomew spread sweet cream on a warm scone and attempted not to be baited by the chitchat.

“Is that all?”

“And I pouted because he would not show me his sketch–a portrait of me at the piano. Doubtless he’s given me an elephant’s nose and donkey ears.”

“And the wide, croaking mouth of a bullfrog,” Bartholomew added between bites.

“Monsieur!” Mrs. Henderson’s protest held all the appearance of being genuine, but Matilde laughed.


*snort* He makes me laugh, too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments each week, guys! Here’s the link to the official WeWriWa list. Check ’em all out.

  • Oooh I just adore their relationship. *giggle* 😀

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      You can scratch the word “dry” right on him. ;D

  • Great scene. Looks like the two of them are no strangers to exchanging barbs. Oh, and I love the word doubtless… it’s just not used often enough any more. 🙂

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      There are so many wonderful words that have left our daily lexicon. I’ve been revisiting many of them with this book. Curmudgeon. Lickspittle. Slumgullion. *sigh*

  • Love their barbs and the familiarity. Great snippet!

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Thanks, Ryan! 😀

  • daezarkian

    Very nice — wry, witty, and full of atmosphere and character. Love it!

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Thanks, Steven. These characters are definitely, well, characters. 😉

  • Love the bullfrog line! You’ve captured the feel of the era so well. Great use of language.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Aw, thanks, Debbie. I love that line, too. Bartholomew’s wry humor came as a bit of a surprise, but is definitely a delight.

  • He took her as a baby, I recall and became her guardian. Something scary is in store. I feel it in my bones. Good eight.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      LOL! I guess that means I’m getting the tension in there, eh, Charmaine?

  • I love this exchange.

  • Fun excerpt. I like the relationship between them all.

  • Ha! Very cute. Love this interaction. Nice snippet.

  • Fun banter!

  • Amusing and I feel as if I’ve known them forever – very inviting snippet!

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      That’s a lovely compliment. Thanks, Veronica. 🙂

  • A very informative snippet with amusing dialogue. Nice 8!

  • Absolutely lovely. Love the visual, love the scene. I’m now hungry for scones, thank you very much. I could really connect to the characters, and I almost asked for the cream.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      😀 Thanks, Melissa. I think *I* was hungry when I wrote that scene, too!

  • Love this story. Can’t wait to read it all. Gorgeous snippet.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Thank you, Kylie. 😀 I can’t wait to have it all wrapped up. (Fast first draft = slow edit this time around.)

  • Nice snippet. I’ve just decided from this I like dialogue ones the best. I really got a feel for the characters in eight lines.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      I’m so glad this connected with you. Thanks, Kayci!

  • siobhanmuir

    I love his last remark. It made me laugh, Monica. Nicely done. 🙂

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Thanks, Siobhan! You and me both. 😀

  • LOL That was hilarious. I love the banter between them all.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Thanks, Isabella. And thanks for swinging by to read and comment. 😀 Glad I could make you laugh.