Famine #53: A Stroll in the Park (WeWriWa/Snippet Sunday)

Hello and welcome back, friends. Last weekend was a wild ride as we had our cover and marketing photo shoot for Famine. Great fun, amazing pics, and tons of creativity. (Many, many thanks to ByteStudio Photography and Jacob Cartwright for this pic.)

Therefore, in honor of my new Bartholomew portrait, I thought I’d post a little descriptive passage for Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday.


ByteStudio Photography; Jacob Cartwright

ByteStudio Photography; Jacob Cartwright

Early morning strollers were out, tipping their hats and nodding their heads, and Bartholomew joined the parade, a smile playing across his lips for the ladies. He’d grown accustomed to their first and second glances, but his pleasure was no less diminished for that familiarity.

He wore his hair to his collar, sported a neat beard, and didn’t care a whit for current fashion. Yet Bartholomew Pelletier’s imposing presence drew a smile and flushed cheeks from the young women. And that was one of his few pleasures. Their attention made him feel alive.

He inhaled the morning’s cold, sweet air. After spending a long night with a corpse, strolling beneath the blue March sky among the awakening plants, animals, and mortals was invigorating.


Many thanks to everyone who’s stopped by and/or commented over the last two weeks. And I hope you’ll take a few moments to check out the many snippets posted today for the Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors blog hops.

  • Samantha Copas-Greene

    What an awesome bowler! Is the whole costume vintage?Can’t wait to read more!

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Thanks, Samantha. 😀 It is a great hat, manufactured in Vancouver (in the 20s, I believe). The frock coat dates to 1915. (I was sweating the sizing on that one, since I couldn’t bring Jacob in for fitting the costumes.) The rest isn’t really vintage though I did rent the pieces. (http://www.vintagecostumers.com/ in Seattle has a huge selection. Their site doesn’t do them justice.)

  • I so enjoy your writing style. The contrast between what occurs in the present in this piece and what he’d been doing last night is striking.

  • I love the image! I also like the insight into the character—if he rarely feels alive and has few pleasures, i assume that means he isn’t in a great place in his life right now.

    I’d really like to know more!

  • Fabulous image of Bartholomew and pretty much how I pictured him! Love your descriptive writing style too. 🙂

  • A night with a corpse? Oh Bartholomew, what have you been up to, again. Ladies man, is he?
    Fine eight.

  • Mortals, huh? I love the picture.

  • Loved the photograph! And the excerpt has so many things to ponder – terrific snippet!

  • Great photo. The excerpt quickly gains interest and the readers will care about Bartholemew.

  • Great imagery and the picture is perfect! A long night with a corpse? Very intriguing.

  • He seems like a ladies man, nothing special. And then–corpses? Suddenly I have no idea what’s going on. Love it!

  • This is very intriguing, very enjoyable, and makes me want to know more about Bartholomew!

  • An intriguing eight.

  • Bartholomew is such an interesting character and the decor around him is always so different. I really enjoy this.