Famine #56: Retribution

Hello, Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday followers. Gonna dive right back into Famine for this week’s post. Last week’s scene elicited a lot of interest in how Bartholomew would punish the nutjob who attacked Kelly at the brothel. Not giving things away with this one, but thought you’d like a little taste of what’s in store. That guy pissed off the wrong Apocalyptic.

ByteStudio Photography; Jacob Cartwright

ByteStudio Photography; Jacob Cartwright


“Do you feel that fear?” Once again the aesir pulled the madman’s head back. “That’s your soul’s terror.” He shoved a pair of dirty socks into the bastard’s gaping mouth. “It knows what I am and what is coming.”

Bartholomew yanked the knives from from the madman’s palms, leaving holes where the blades had impaled the floor. Then he bound the man’s wrists behind his back and wrapped him like a cigar in the bloody blanket from Kelly’s bed.

He dragged the attacker to the top of the wooden stairs and pushed, lighting a cigarette as the roll bumped and tumbled down to the first floor.


That’s gotta hurt.


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  • Love it when a scumbag gets his comeuppance 🙂

  • daezarkian

    Yikes! The morale of the story: don’t piss off Bartholomew. :O

  • Umm, gulp, kinda intense for moi but I can certainly appreciate how well done the excerpt is!

  • A man with a plan. Super great writing with descriptions to match.

  • Bartholomew certainly seems to have lots of facets.

  • siobhanmuir

    Wow, I’m shivering with the anger of just those few sentences. Nicely done, Monica. He definitely got the feeling of what it’s like to be powerless. 🙂

  • Bartholomew is a force to be reckoned with.

  • I love Bartholemew. He’s not a nice man, but he’s OUR not-nice man.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      I <3 this comment, Sarah. It just makes me smile. 😀 I may have to use it in the very near future.

  • An excellent example of a bad boy gone good.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Well, put!

  • Wow, from the comments I’m glad to know the guy rolling down the stairs is the bad guy… this Barthomolew is quite a powerful character! To light a cigarette seems a cool touch, as well… nice snippet!

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Thank you, Susan. Bartholomew’s, well, an amoral badass with non-standard standards and very definite lines that shouldn’t be crossed. 😀

  • I think I’m not supposed to like all this violence stuff…but I do!

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      LOL! It’s called living vicariously, Regina, and is perfectly healthy. Really…. I hope.

  • Lighting a cigarette — isn’t that what one is supposed to do after “the main event” in a brothel? (I loved “wrapped him like a cigar”)

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Sex and violence; one starts with a cigarette, the other ends with one.

  • I love Bartholomew’s matter-of-factness!

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      He’s definitely in his element, ED.

  • It’s better not to screw with Bartholomew. I love the trip down the stairs.

  • “Wrapped him like a cigar.” I loved that! I see him all bound up, unable to move, then tossed down the stairs. Lovely.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      That you found this scene to be “lovely” tells me that we share the same warped aesthetics. 😀

  • burnsmillie

    I enjoyed those snippets very much, thank you!

  • Wow, I could see the whole scene. I’m late into this but very intrigued by Bartholomew.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Thank you, DJ! Better late than never, right? 😀

  • What a great descriptive snippet! I could envision it all!

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Thanks, Siren. Glad you enjoyed it. 😀