Famine #69: Preparing for Battle

Hello readers and writers. It’s time for another eight for Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday. Famine is out for copy editing and proofreading, and we’re finalizing the cover, title page, and internal graphics this week. Getting close!

These eight are from the last part of the book and, as you will see, shit’s about to go down. (Oh, and Bettina is the name of Matilde’s stuffed kitty.)


Famine by Monica PierceBettina regarded him with her shiny, black eyes, and he nodded. “By any means necessary, Petit Oiseau.”

Back in his room, he stripped off his coat and upended his travel trunk. He pulled its false bottom away and extracted two gun holsters and eight full magazines, his sling, the large boning knife, and his gladius. The metallic clack of a magazine sliding home filled the silent room as he reloaded Matilde’s Colt. Bartholomew paused. What had become of Mr. Vernon? Had he escaped or was it his blood on the walls and floor?



Someone’s gonna regret crossing him very soon.


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  • Nice preparation for action, I can feel the tension.

  • I was just thinking last night how much I missed Bartholomew!

    i really can’t wait for this to come out—if nothing else (and there’s a lot else) I must know if Mr. Vernon is okay.

  • Sounds like a duel is coming. Great to have those questions at the end. I can decide which answer is the correct one.

  • Oh yeah, the whole thing will be available soon! So exciting. This has me of course drooling for more!

  • Someone’s going to get it, but who?

  • Yay! I’m so happy this will be out soon!

  • Nice tension building.

  • The shit’s about to go down…you said a mouthful, Monica! This 8 was riveting as he got his weapons ready to go. Great job. I’m so happy this book is close to being complete. I need a Monica E Pierce reading fix. 🙂

  • So much mystery and tension! Nicely done.

  • elainecsc2013

    Lovely build up of tension.

  • Nice moment to think about Mr. Vernon. Quite a build up to what must be a major battle coming, very intense excerpt!

  • Great snippet–tense moment there.

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  • An intriguing ending to the snippet there.