First Comes Famine #35: Small Revenge (Six Sentence Sunday)

Here we are at the last. Six small sentences away from closing the pages on Six Sentence Sunday. Thanks to all of you who’ve visited and/or commented on my posts over these many months. And a very special thanks to Sara and the 6SS crew for giving up so many hours. Yours is a boundless generosity.

I’m skipping a few paragraphs in the latest confrontation between Bartholomew and Claire to come to the closure of the scene. Seemed apropos. (And, for those who don’t know, the eschaton is the end of the world.) From First Comes Famine:


Robert Cornelius (c. 1839)

Robert Cornelius (c. 1839)

Claire’s smile became a snarl. “Your Catcher’s first breath will be her last. I’ll drain her blood and soul and consume her flesh, and you will suffer for me forever. The eschaton will come, aesir, and you will herald it.” She stomped from the room, leaving her clothing behind.

Bartholomew picked up her gown, fingered the fine blush silk, the delicate gold embroidery, and tossed it into the cold, black fireplace ashes.


I hope you’ll head back to the official Six Sentence Sunday site and follow the links to the other participating blogs. This is the last chance you’ll get….


For those of you interested, I know of two replacement blog hops getting ready to fill the hole left in our Sunday mornings:

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There’s also a Facebook page, so we can all keep in touch. (Thanks, Karysa Faire, for this awesome news!)

If you know of any others, feel free to post the links in my comments. And please find me on Facebook or Twitter or follow this blog if you haven’t already. I’d hate to lose track of you, Sweet Cheeks.

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  • It has been divine. Look forward to seeing whatever you’re up to next Sunday, hopefully.

  • Whoa, someone has some anger problems. Great six, Monica. I’m glad to learn you’re planning on posting.

  • Intriguing and full of fabulousness. Great snippet Monica!

  • He has to finger the fabric -one last touch–before burning. Imagery is powerful. Monica, lovely knowing you. I’ll check into your suggestions for Weekend.

  • Burn, baby, burn!
    Got a feeling that something other than the clothes will get hot soon.
    Nice six!

  • Every word is fabulous!

  • Wow, very emotional! Quite a verbal punch she’s got! Well done!

  • I like how he burns her gown and the imagery is delightful. Thanks for sharing those alternate links. I’ve just been informed of another one on Wednesdays called Hump Day Hook. The URL is Perhaps it might be of interest. Anyways, it’s been a pleasure reading your snippets, take care!

  • kimberlykcomeau

    You have such a fine mastery of words. Your sentences are always a delight to read.

  • Now, I know I’ve said this before but…Please finish this book!!!

  • Lovely lovely touch of contempt in the last line. 🙂 See you next week

  • siobhanmuir

    I love his response to her threat with the dress. Great six. There is one other SSS blog I know of: I’ve enjoyed your snippets a lot and so glad I met you here. 🙂


    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Thanks for the link, Siobhan. I thought Skye had one, but couldn’t find the link. Awesome meeting you here, too. 😀

  • Silent action is so loud, very well done.

  • Love the contrast you show between the color of the cloth and the ashes he tosses them into. I’m glad you’re going to continue as this has become a ritual for me, and I love stopping by your blog for you snippets!

  • You are an amazing writer, Monica. I love reading your posts.
    If you use Facebook, a group has been set up: Just another way to keep us all connected. 🙂 I’ll also be posting on two of the groups you listed.

  • What a tug of war between those two! Love the imagery. I always enjoy your snippets and just love your writing! I’m so glad we met here on the SSS meme. I joined Karysa’s FB group, so we’ll see each other again, I’m sure!

  • What a lovely dramatic moment. Fabulous six.

  • Something nasty that way goes! She’s got a few issues, eh? Great six!

  • The imagery of him tossing the garment into the fireplace was magnificent. A great way to farewell Six Sentence Sunday. Thanks for sharing your words with us.

  • I love love love the descriptive detail in the last paragraph. The beautiful details of her dress tossed into the ashes! Well done!

  • Great six! I’ve enjoyed reading your snippets! And, thanks for the list of possible new alternatives!

  • Damn! That was awesome!

  • Hmmm… Someone appears to need anger management… But not from me. Both Claire and Bartholomew (my parent’s names, btw, and anger management is also needed there…) scare the hell outta of me.

    Great six, Monica. Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for next week 😉

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Wow! I’m sorry. I think. ;D

  • I hate to repeat myself from last week, but these two have an amazing dynamic and the writing, as always, is a cut above. LOVE IT!