First Comes Famine #36: Hush, hush (#8sunday #sixsunday #wewriwa)

It’s been a helluva challenging week and I’m feeling very scattered. I know I’m signed up for posting on multiple lists: Weekend Writing Warriors, Unofficial Six Sunday, and the Six Sentence Sunday Facebook page. (I think I’m signed up on that last one.) I need to come up with a way to better manage these lists. Hmmm.

Anyhoo, however you found me and wherever you’re going from here, welcome! Time to continue with posts from my historical fantasy WIP, First Comes Famine. I’m gonna skip ahead a bit to get to the next major scene. Bartholomew has returned to Matilde’s home in New York’s Sixth Ward. (Reminder: Matilde is a little girl.) The first post from this story is here.


Robert Cornelius (c. 1839)

Robert Cornelius (c. 1839)

Bartholomew’s knife was old, and it was sharp, but it wasn’t a weapon.

Matilde slept on her left side, facing him, with Samuel snuggled to her chest. Her right hand was atop the covers, and the bandage covering her smashed knuckles beckoned. Bartholomew eased it back and made the smallest knick in her swollen, scabbed flesh with his fine blade. She whimpered and stirred.

He touched her cheek and said, “Chut, chut.”


You have plenty of choices for your next destination. I hope you’ll spend some more time visiting the many other writers’ blogs today. Happy Sunday!

  • Whoa. What the heck? Looking forward to reading more.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      That, my dear, is the perfect response to Bartholomew.

  • Wow. That got my emotions going for the girl. 🙁 Well done.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Thanks! 😀 I hope you’ll come back to find out what Bartholomew’s up to.

  • Cleverly done, – from suspense to compassion in one sentence 🙂

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Thanks, Sherry! 😀

  • You’ve done a great job with the imagery in this scene. I’m very interested in what’s going to happen next. Well done, Monica!

  • Both chilling and compassionate in eight sentences? You made me want to know why he is hurting her and then consoling her.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Come back next week, Clare. More of Bartholomew’s intentions will be revealed.

  • Well done. What an emotional swing.

  • Intriguing; makes me want to read more.

  • I echo the other comments. Looking toward next week.

  • I echo the other comments. Tune in next week, huh?

  • Wow. From tender to WHAT THE–?! The quality of your writing amazes me.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Aw, thank you, Sarah. 😀 You and Karysa had the same reaction to Bartholomew’s act, and it’s perfect.

  • Very intriguing! And I love the characters’ names… They are so unique and really help create a “picture” of the characters in my mind!!

  • Your imagery is beautiful! I hope you plan to continue this next week!!

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Thanks, Dani-Lyn. Yes, I’ll post more from this scene next week. Please do stop by. 🙂

  • No! Tell him to stop. I’m feeling really protective right now. Your writing did that. Fabulous.

  • siobhanmuir

    Yipe about nicking her knuckles. Intriguing idea, Monica. 🙂

  • Gem

    Graphic, visual, and intense. Great snippet!

  • This scene pulls on all the emotions for sure, very intriguing! Terrific snippet for us today!

  • Why the nick?

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Oh, you’ll find out. If you come back next week…. ;P

  • Your photo accompanying the post is perfect. That is chilling. Excellent snippit!

  • Well that’s…a little creepy. Definitely coming back next week to find out what’s up with that.

  • Ha! Well, that’s a cliffhanger. And I will be back next week to find out why he nicked her. Great snippet, Monica. I expected nothing less, though. 🙂

  • Wow, what a great snippet. I definitely want to read more – why he’s cutting Matilde, and what he’s going to do next.

  • Clever, intriguing and packed with conflict. I’ll be back, Your Awesomeness! 🙂

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      LOL! Takes one to know one, Dana. ;D

  • Mmm, I like this. Is Matilde French?

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      Thanks, Elin. 😀 Matilde’s father was Dutch (her last name is de Vos), her mother was German. (This is a German variant of Mathilda.) Thanks for asking.

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