Girl Under Glass #14: Dirt and Lint and Bruises — Six Sentence Sunday

Hellooo, again, Sixers. Welcome back for another Six Sentence Sunday installment from the first chapter of Girl Under Glass. Last week, Rachel’s alien visitor silenced the dogs, now what?

(First speaker is Rachel.)


“Show me your leg.”

The Ohnenran lifted his pant leg to reveal a swollen gash running the length of his shin. His calf bulged over the rim of his boot and the flesh was purple and black. How he’d managed to hobble around on that thing, I couldn’t imagine.

As he straightened, I said, “Remove your jacket, lift your shirt, empty your pockets, turn around.”

He did, and there was nothing but dirt and lint and bruises.


I hope you’ll hop over to the official Six Sentence Sunday site to find the list of today’s other participants. Lots of great snippets awaiting your perusal.

  • Great 6, Monica! Love your work.

  • I love how you’re slowly evoking a sense of sympathy for the visitor. Great six 🙂

  • I’m quite fond of that final line. Such sly humor.

  • This is great and I love how you detail everything. Great Six.

  • Such excellent description. I’m 41% in, and loving this so much, AND I bought it for my critique partner, too, cuz I think she’ll really get into it, too!! Great six!

  • Very powerful six. I agree with Clare — I love how he’s gaining Rachel’s sympathy slowly but surely.

  • That last line is super, tells us everything we need to know.

  • daezarkian

    The contents of your pockets sat a lot about you… ;D Very nice!

  • Great details about the injury (maybe a little gruesome for some). I couldn’t imagine how he hobbled around on that leg either. Powerful six!

  • Interesting that there’s nothing in his pockets…vivid description of that wound, ouch. Excellent excerpt!

  • Amazing descriptions Monica….this gets better and better each week. I love your heroine’s strength!

  • I like her no nonsense, take charge attitude.

  • You masterfully make a bruise sound sexy. LOVE!!

  • Terrific display of caution and compassion. Rachel is a totally convincing heroine.

  • I <3 this story so much! You set the tone from the very beginning!

  • kimberlykcomeau

    Now, this is a situation that piques my curiosity!

  • Loved this book. Loved your writing in this book. Buy it people!!!!

  • Lint and bruises. Lovely and bleak at the same time. 🙂 You rock.

  • Love the “feel” of this voice. Also love your title!

  • Such fabulous description. Great six!

  • “Show me your leg.”
    Taken either IN or OUT of context, that’s a great line!

  • There is no way I am NOT getting that book of yours and everything else with your name on it – cups and posters! Yay, Monica! 🙂

  • what happened to cause such injuries… that’s what nobody is asking. I demand to know 🙂

  • Your descriptions here are wonderful. Fantastic six!

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