Join Me for The A.I. Chronicles Launch Day!

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence.

Even today, machines that mimic human thinking surround us. As the intellectual feats of computing machines grow more and more astounding, will there be a day when their apparent intelligence approaches, or even surpasses, that of human beings? And what if these machines then become conscious, self-aware?

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AI Chronicles

Thirteen authors confront the question of the Singularity: at and beyond that point of time when A.I. becomes more than simply a human construct. From first awareness to omniscience, these original short stories explore that territory where human intelligence comes face-to-face with what is either its greatest hope, or its greatest threat.

How can you join the party?

Join us TODAY, March 13th, in celebrating the launch on Facebook from 10am to 9pm Pacific Standard Time. Some of today’s most talented speculative fiction authors will be hosting giveaways throughout the day, myself included.

AI Launch Party

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By Monica Enderle Pierce

I'm a Seattle author of fantasy and science fiction books that have been called lyrical, powerful, and sensual. I trust readers to fill the gaps with their own imaginations.