Love at First Sight Blogfest Entry

So the lovely miss Courtney Reese and the members of Critique This announced the Love at First Sight Blogfest ( As usual, I didn’t catch on until the last minute. Considering the deadline is, um, Valentine’s Day. But I am undaunted!

I have chosen a scene from Preyers. While not truly a love at first sight moment, it’s the reunion of Matilde and Thomas after a long separation and shows Matilde how much she needs him and he wants her.

I hope you enjoy it!


Something in him softened.  Gone from his eyes was the untamed danger; they became the sad, passionate eyes I remembered from Andrew’s house.  “Stay?”  He exhaled the word, switching emotions so swiftly it was dizzying.  He stepped closer, inclined over me, his face intense.

My right hand pressed against his cool chest and I felt his body quivering.

I had struggled against my connection with Thomas since I left him on Anticosti.  Now his presence uplifted me.  The pain of my wounds slipped away as my lips parted and I inhaled his scent.  The lust I felt as I seduced him in Andrew’s house paled in comparison to the craving welling up in me now.

Unbidden, my body leaned into his, my hand slid up his chest, encircled his neck, and pulled his mouth to mine.  He tasted beyond delicious.  Touching Thomas thrilled me like only blood drinking could.  I’d had no idea.

Thomas crushed our bodies together so hard the air left my lungs.  He inhaled my breath as if filling himself with my essence.  His ferocity was heady.

The taste of him, the smell and feel of him, all thrilled my nerves to breaking.  I groaned, both from the unexpected ecstasy of our reunion and the agony his embrace unleashed as he reminded my body of its wounds.  I gasped and tried to pull away from him, overwhelmed by his touch as he trailed his lips down my jaw to my collar bone.

But he tightened his arms and lifted me off the ground.

Once again, my pain receded.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and moaned as his mouth returned to mine.  I had never wanted a man — vampire or human — the way I wanted Thomas then.

  • So amazing, you have such a way with tension and passion–I cannot wait until I can buy this book in stores–I stalk your wipfires like there’s no tomorrow! Love, love, love it!

    • Monica Pierce

      Aw, thanks darling! You made my day!

  • Mom

    Your descriptions are luscious. Great writing, honey. Love, Mom

    • Monica Pierce

      Thanks, Mom. You’ll always be my Number One supporter. I owe my ability to you. Great genes think alike!

  • You have a magical way with words. Truly a gift. And I can promise to buy your book when it gets published. Very, very well done.

    • Monica Pierce

      Thank you! I am thrilled that you enjoy my writing and grateful that you would buy my book. Now, to get an agent and a publisher!

  • Just lovely, not that I would expect anything less. Your writing is beautiful. Once you are published I will be singing your praises and urging everyone I know to read your book. Only they’ll have to get their own. I won’t be sharing my copy.

    • Monica Pierce

      Thank you, darling. I appreciate all the support you’ve given over the past umpteen months. We can hoard each other’s books!

  • Amazing writing, Monica. I love it. It even makes me love Thomas and I’ve always just felt a bit sad for him before. Thanks for turning me onto the contest – and all of your wonderful support. Mwah!

    • Monica Pierce

      Oh, I’m so pleased to hear Thomas touched you in this. And it’s so easy to support someone as lovely and talented as you, m’dear. Mwah, back atcha!

  • Wow!
    You have captured the depth and the desperation.
    I’d love to know more about the wounds.

    • Monica Pierce

      Thank you, Elaine! This follows a desperate flight across the rooftops of Manhattan during which Matilde was knifed in the back; she has a punctured lung. Poor girl; it’s always something, says the wicked writer.

  • Ahhhhh!! First of all, when did you start a blog, and why didn’t I know about it?!!! Okay, done raving. Ha! So glad you have one now. But where’s you follower button! I need a follow button. Waaaaaaaaa….

    Okay, done crying now. Moving on to your story. And, uh, okay, that was totally hot!!! Gooooo Mathilde! Can’t tell you how excited I was to see these guys again! Oh baby! And boy, is it steamy! Loving it, Monica!! I want more. Give me more!!

    • Monica Pierce

      Oh, Carol! You’re too funny! The blog is new; I’m still working postings into my schedule. There’s a sign me up button below my pic.
      And, yes, Thomas, Matilde, and Bartholomew have come a long way, my dear. I’m querying agents this week. Cross your fingers for me!

  • Whoa. I could feel the tension in this scene and the wanting. I want to know the backstory to this couple and wished I could have continued to read on! Nice job.

    • Monica Pierce

      I’m so pleased you enjoyed Thomas and Matilde. They’re daemons and accidental lovers. Matilde is shocked to encounter him and even more shocked by his effect upon her. Thanks for your lovely comments!

  • Sharon

    Wow… *fans face* Very nicely done. 😉

    • Monica Pierce

      Oh, ha! I’m glad you enjoyed the scene! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Whew! Very nice scene! Glad I made it by your blog–that was fabulous.

    • Monica Pierce

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave your kind words, Merissa!

  • Wow, this is hot! You are a gifted writer for passion, and the tension is great. Nicely done!

    • Monica Pierce

      Thank you, Diana! I’m glad you enjoyed Matilde’s and Thomas’s scene; was definitely fun to write. 😉

  • Oh, smokin’! Nicely done, good lady. I’m quite glad I now know where to stalk… er, read your stuff. 🙂

    Plus… collarbones. Yup.

    • Monica Pierce

      Ah, Simon, you’re always welcome to stalk on by!

  • Very passionate. Thanks for sharing this!

  • max

    I am glad to see you writing, and will continue reading if you keep writing.

    • Monica Pierce

      What a wonderful thing to say. Your words lifted me and I will endeavor to deserve them. Thank you.