• Good luck! Crossing my fingers!!!

    • Monica Pierce

      Thanks, hon! I’m feeling quite resilient, so far. Next month? Who knows!

  • carolineosullivan

    Had my first rejection a couple of weeks ago. I was mightily pleased to discover I was alive and functioning after it came. Now that it’s out of the way, what’s the worst that can happen? Best of luck!

    • Monica Pierce

      Thanks for the encouragement. Everyone on Twitter will be subjected to my query status, so you’ll know how I’m holding up. Keep me posted on your success!

  • Good luck!!

    I just sent out six, myself– already got two rejections. The fast ones don’t bother me! Waiting for the other four, though, is agonizing. 🙂 Hopefully they won’t make you wait all that long!!

    • Monica Pierce

      LOL! I just received another quick rejection this morning (query only/no book sample). I think the quick ones have very specific projects in mind. Thanks for the encouragement and good luck on your submission! Can’t wait to hear you say, “I landed an agent!” And, I’m glad you enjoyed my book exerpt; if only I can get an agent to say the same thing, right?

  • Good luck!! Can’t wait to hear about that inevitable offer. 🙂

    • Monica Pierce

      Thanks for all your feedback and support, hon!

  • Good luck!!!

  • VR

    I agree, the quick one’s are easy – like ripping a Band-Aid off. There’s a tiny sting, then it’s over.

    Wishing you much luck in the query wars!

    • Monica Pierce

      Thanks for the encouragement, VR and Melanie! I’m at 3 outta 5 rejected, but I am undaunted. Have started a new book and am getting Preyers queries ready for the go-round. 🙂

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