Six Sentence Sunday: The Greater Enemy

Welcome back, Sixers! Thanks for all the fabulous comments on last week’s Girl Under Glass post. Now that our household move is over, I’m gaining speed on the edits. About 3/4 thru and getting feedback from my crit group. So today’s post introduces Ehtishem’s nemesis, Zosh Uahdim Isphahan. The child he speaks of is Rachel’s six-year-old daughter, Pearl.

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“I couldn’t care less what happens to your little souvenir. But her child seems adequately intelligent; I’m keeping her as my Dathusha messenger.”

My stomach twisted.

Ehtishem shrugged. “Well, if she doesn’t work out, I’ll take her off your hands.”

“If she doesn’t work out, I’ll blow her out the airlock.”

Yeah, what a bastard.

  • Alix

    Fabulously punchy six. Great job.

  • Bastard? Yeah, I’ll agree with that. Great six!

  • Being a messenger appears fraught with peril! “Love” the evil.

  • Well-written villain. Hurting children is EVIL. Great six!

  • Quite intense! Feel the need to kick his a$$
    love the 6!

  • Well then! I hope she works out for at least a bit!

  • LOL! Now that was a fun 6’er. Definitly a bastard. Great post.

  • Eleri Stone

    Bastard is right.

  • What a bastard is right! Great setup for tension.

  • I don’t like him, but l do like this six!

  • Oh wow! Sounds like a great story!

  • Maybe that bastard should get blown out the airlock

  • calvin

    Oh my. I don’t think I like that guy.

  • victanguera

    Nice six. That makes me want to read more.

  • He sure sounds mean. Nice six!

  • I’m all for kiicking his ass of the ship, the most painful way available. Bastard Extrordinaire. Did you interview my ex-husband as a character mold? Just kidding. Good six.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      ROFL, glad he’s your *ex*!

  • Definitely more than qualifies as a villain, one of the Essential Accessories to a ripping yarn. 🙂

  • What a creep. Your six made me angry-must be a good six, eh? 🙂

  • Wow, those names are very unfriendly to my dyslexic brain…

    I’m very curious why Pearl didn’t say anything…

  • Definitely a bastard! Great Six.

  • A perfectly horrible villain. Nicely done!

  • You write the most hateful people! I think “Her stomach twisted.” is a mild reaction or amazing self control.

    BTW I fly home tomorrow. (Mom)

  • Good gravy! I hope he gets his comeuppance in the end!

  • Hmmmm. Wondered what that means? Can’t wait to find out!

  • Wow. That is harsh. Very tense six!

  • Eeek! Powerful six!