The Glass Asylum #8: Medication (Six Sentence Sunday)

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Girl Under GlassHello and welcome back for another Six Sentence Sunday sample from my WIP, The Glass Asylum. We’re jumping back to Rachel’s point of view with this snippet, in which she’s about to receive some much-needed medication. (The first speaker is Ehtishem’s personal assistant, Nahnesh.)

“It’s most effective when administered into the thigh muscle or buttocks.”

“You are not shooting me in the ass.”

Ehtishem folded his arms as he settled into the couch cushions and said, “I will.”

“Not if you want your life to be bearable for the next six months, Zosh.” I glared at him, not entirely unamused, as I stood and raised my burgundy gown’s skirt to reveal a great deal of skin. Ehtishem’s gaze followed the length of my leg and then met mine.


I hope you’ll head over to the official Six Sentence Sunday site to find links for all of this week’s participating writers.


  • The last line reminded me of an old, old line.
    Do those legs go all the way up?
    Nice six!

  • Love the spunk in this excerpt! Very nice six!!
    Amy Durham

  • I can’t wait for this one! I adores GIRL UNDER GLASS and want to get back into your world, Monica. Rachel is awesome and Ehtishem is such a guy! 😉

  • Oh my! Terrific six, you rascal.

  • Jessica Subject

    LOL Love how feisty Rachel is, and how she tries to manipulate him. 🙂

  • The dialogue and that last look, wow. Fantabulous 6.

  • This story continues to be fascinating. Love the characters, terrific six!

  • Love their relationship. It’s come a long way since Girl Under Glass.

  • Great dialogue between these two…love how Rachel says, “you’re not going to shoot me in the ass.” Humorous and fun six!

  • So glad Rachel hasn’t lost any of her sass. Great snippet!

  • siobhanmuir

    Go, Rachel! Make him squirm. 😀 Great six, Monica. 🙂

  • Love it. Great dialogue and smexy time tension.

  • How very naughty of her. Good move.

  • Well played, well played! Love their banter!