The Glass Asylum #9: Blunt (Six Sentence Sunday)

Going for brevity, tonight. It’s Six Sentence Sunday. This scene from my WIP (sequel to Girl Under Glass) takes place in a small, deep cave where Rachel’s been dumped.


Rachels_CavernEhtishem sealed the opening and we were cut off from all communication. He rappelled back to the floor and shed his harness.

“You’re a dick,” I said.

“For coming here?”

“For risking your life and maybe leaving Pearl without parents. She’s tough, but she’s not like Ohnenrai kids.”


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Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  • Jessica Subject

    Oh, she’s pissed. Great six! 🙂

  • Yeah, she’s definitely not a happy bunny… but sounds like she had good reason to be. Love the six xx

  • It’s always something. Left in a cave, etc. Really fine six!

  • Yeah, give it. I love it when characters say exactly what they’re feeling. Fabulous 6.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      That’s Rachel all right. I’ve been told she takes after me….

  • Would love to see more of this world!

  • siobhanmuir

    Sounds like he’s going to be a busy guy – get the woman from the cave, pick up his kid. Ah parenthood. 🙂 Great six, Monica.

    • Monica Enderle Pierce

      ROFL! This is SO my life, Siobhan! Chaos and domesticity all rolled into one messy package.

      • siobhanmuir

        LOL me too, which is why I totally empathize with him. 😀

  • Intriguing as always with this story – terrific excerpt!

  • No wasted words here.

  • *sigh* I do love these characters. You’ve done an excellent job with them. Great job!