About Monica


I’ve worked in publishing, advertising, and web development, but my favorite careers have been mother and author. (One of those lets me obliterate things every day.) I write fantasy and science fiction for adults and quite often blend genres to give readers stories that are unexpected and unique. My work is immersive, detailed, character-driven, and compelling.

My post-apocalyptic book, Girl Under Glass, was a 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semi-finalist and a sci-fi bestseller. Of my historical dark fantasy novel, Famine, one reviewer wrote: “Jeez. Effing heck. I need more now! Argh!” and “Holy. Wow.”

I’m also honored to be among the authors who’ve had work included in The Future Chronicles anthologies (The Dragon Chronicles and The Doomsday Chronicles). Every Chronicles release has reached #1 in its respective category on Amazon, and Dragon broke into the top 50 for the entire store. These anthologies feature the best of indie publishing’s speculative fiction authors, and I highly recommend them as a way to find new-to-you authors. You can learn more by joining the Chronicles Facebook group.

I have an English degree from UCLA, and I live in Seattle with my husband, our daughter, a transgender fish, a neurotic dog, and two crazy tomcats.

I hope you’re intrigued enough by what you read on the homepage to buy my work.

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